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Upgrade Electrical Panel Box

Upgrading your old Electrical Panel Box (es)

Electrical Panel Upgrade
Newly upgraded Panel Box
Old fuse box
Old Panel Box – inside

Upgrading your old electrical panel box can be very beneficial for many home owners.  When they consider the increase in the value of their home, and, not to mention the electrical safety and also for insurance and many other reasons. 

In older homes, however, when upgrading an outdated fuse or circuit breaker panel box the electrical contractor has many technical and safety… full updated article here Visit Green Planet Electric
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Most people don’t know that the old type fuse box is dangerous. When changing a blown fuse it you can touch the live part. When this happens you can be shocked, sometimes very badly.

With the new electrical panel there is no fuse to change. When a fault cases a power outage simply flip a switch in the new panel.

When it comes to making the decision to electrical panel upgrade, you must decide on cost. The cost can vary widely because of factors that are different from one place to another. Such things like panel amperage size number of circuit breakers and age of existing can impact cost.

Upgrade your electrical panel if it is aged beyond the manufacturer’s recommended life. Consider an upgrade also if it unsafe, or if you added new circuits or appliances.

You may be in luck, some cities you may get a rebate when you upgrade your electrical panel. Some other utilities and programs also provide energy efficient rebate that your electrical panel upgrade may qualify for.

It is best to hire a licensed electrician for your electrical panel upgrade. Someone who can take out a permit for the electrical panel upgrade. Although, if you have enough knowledge you can complete it by yourself, but inspected by someone with experience.

A typical electrical panel upgrade would take several hours to complete. removing all circuit wires from the old panel, then reconnecting them to the new panel. Marking the circuits in the new panel is important code requirement as well.

Sometimes when the electrical panel is in an undesired location, put in a panel cover for protection. Other panel cover ideas ranges from photos that hide the box or to build something around it. A good idea is to mark the panel location incase the emergency department has to access it.

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