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Toronto Electricians Need to Have Skills and Smarts

[first published March 2014]
Unless you live in the Stone Age, your house in Toronto needs to be maintained with the help of an electrician every now and then. With the passing of time, even the most reliable and efficient electrical system can develop problems, like exposed wires and grounding. Any Toronto electrician you hire should be quite capable at electrical repairs because a single miscalculation can lead to fire, electrocution, or worse.
According to Ontario law, electricians need to complete an electrical apprenticeship before they can ply their trade wholesale. This apprenticeship typically lasts for 9,000 hours or the equivalent of five consecutive years, although this may be shortened depending on the education one receives. Some schools, for example, already include apprenticeship in their curriculum. Prospective electricians also need to earn a Certificate of Qualification as proof that they are indeed licensed to operate in the province.
Ontario classifies its electricians according to specialization. ICI electricians are engaged in the industrial, commercial, and institutional sectors, low rise residential electricians typically work on homes and small apartments, while linemen are employed by the government to install power lines. The credentials for each specialization vary, so it’s important that electricians can show the proper certificates for their specific fields.
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