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Hire a Licensed Electrician in Oshawa

The Electrical Safety Authority is an responsible for the Local Licensed Electrician that enforces the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. The ESA is also responsible for licensing electrical contractors and master electricians. They train inspectors to conduct inspections on wiring work in Ontario.
The ESA encourages the public to request copies of “Certificates of Inspection” for all  work done in homes and businesses. According to the ESA, homeowners who are planning any renovation project that involves electrical wiring or devices will need to ensure that all electrical installation, repair, and replacement work complies with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
The Code is updated every three years to address the unique issues brought about by emerging technologies and improvements to safety practices. The Code states that electrical permits need to be taken out before or within 48 hours after electrical work starts. Homeowners or business owners who initiate the electrical work will need to take out the permit. However, if either party hires a Licensed  electrician, then the Licensed electrician must take out the a permit.
Use a local Licensed electrician for your electrician services. When your Local Licensed electrician do any electrical wiring, always be sure your electrical work is not a danger. For example, ask your Licensed electrician to replace a bad Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI). The GFCI outlet is a special device used to disconnect power from defective appliances and other wiring. It reduce the risk of an electric shock if it is wired correctly and it should be tested regularly.
The Code also states that homeowners and business owners are not allowed to take out permits on behalf of their contractors or anyone else. Moreover, there are specific ESA fees depending on the type of work that is to be done. Clients need to remember that only licensed electricians are allowed to do wiring in Ontario.
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