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Knowing When DIY is not Enough

A lot of Canadian homeowners understand the financial benefits of doing DIY projects. However, some home projects are not advisable for amateurs or hobbyists; some wiring problems, for instance, can hardly be fixed by an under-equipped weekend warrior.
Having your house burn down and lose valuable possessions are not the only perils of DIY electrical work. DIY homeowners who attempt to fix a faulty electrical wiring in their home are setting themselves up for an unsafe—and even life-threatening—situation.
Still, many DIY fanatics insist on doing the work. They claim that the Web is brimming with step-by-step guides and instructional videos on various electrical issues, so what can go wrong? What makes a Durham professional electrician better fit for the job than a DIY enthusiast?
In the Durham Region, or the entire province of Ontario for that matter, to be an electrician requires, first of all, a five-year electrical apprenticeship. Under this program, aspiring electricians learn the necessary skills, such as safety procedures, electrical theory, and electrical regulations—stuff you don’t really absorb in DIY sites.
In Ontario, these electricians also earn the title of master electrician if their qualifications meet Electrical Safety Authority’s standards.
Many locals certainly welcome money-pinching ideas like DIY electrical work. However, when investments and lives are at stake, homeowners are better off letting highly skilled and trained electricians handle the job.
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