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Knob and Tube

What is knob and tube electrical wiring?

Dangerous by today’s electrical safety regulations Knob and Tube wiring method had been used in a previous era for electricity consumption in homes and businesses; today it is replaced with insulated cables that are considered safer.

The best way to know if there are Knob and Tube Wiring in a property

Many buildings built during the time period beginning in the eighteen hundreds to early nineteen hundreds stand a decent chance to have this form of electrical cabling given that it was thought to be cutting edge in those days.

knob and tube wiring

How Do I Know if I Have this type of Wiring? The best and most sure way is to contact someone knowledgeable in knob and tube to examine the exposed and open areas of your building to look around for evidence of the outdated wiring system we now know as knob and tube wiring as a first step. We can’t see within the walls under normal circumstances or without expensive technology or equipment.

To find out if there exist this dangerous wiring which may be concealed beneath walls and ceilings we must open a small portion for a visual inspection as another step but by this stage it’s almost certain that there some to be removed.

Sometimes in residential buildings the basement is unfinished so this could be a good place to start the investigation or also attic spaces are another, but this sometimes is not possible. We look for, then follow the visible wiring to verify they are energized or connected to your wiring system and carry out additional tests to be certain they are live and are indeed used in your property.

Knob and tube wiring dangers

A licensed electrician in Toronto will help to find and fix any dangers in your existing knob and tube, Green Planet Electric has been helping residents with knob and tube in addition to a long list of electrical safety issues for new and existing buildings throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we encourage you to get in touch with our licensed master electrician in order to find and correct every instance of knob and tube wires in your building or business. If ever you are considering to sell your family residence or business property, it may be to your advantage to have your wiring inspected by us, although you may also encounter additional cost and some inconvenience during the knob and tube wiring upgrade you will also learn about Knob and tube wiring dangers, it will also pay off with a higher price tag for an insurable property without any problems from an insurance company. We provide a certificate at the end of the upgrade.

Knob and tube wiring problems

One code approved practice to deal with knob and tube wiring, Toronto Ontario and other area electricians in the trade use when dealing with buildings that has knob and tube is that, in some cases and where budget or time constraints could be a factor to maximize the basic safety of old knob and tube wiring will be put in a GFCI device (either a breaker or a receptacle) to an existing circuit which has knob and tube. This should in theory add grounding protection and would reduce the shock hazard created by the knob and tube wiring method also eliminates some potential knob and tube wiring dangers.

It is not easy to spot all knob and tube Electrical wires, sometimes referred to as open wiring but they are usually run obscured in the divider walls and ceiling cavities of houses and other buildings where the walls are hollow. In those cases, we have to open junction boxes and other electrical boxes where the wiring connections are made for power outlets or light switches and in many cases our first place to check is at the electrical panel box. In every electrical box, unless you are licensed or otherwise experiences opening these boxes are could be very dangerous and caution the do-it-yourselfer. If you must open your junction boxes, be very cautious never to contact the wires while the circuit is live.

Why replace Tube Wiring

It is not uncommon today to find that some homes and buildings erected during the nineteen hundreds quite often have got electrical circuits described as ‘knob and tube’ wiring. Mostly this type of wiring is thought to be hazardous by some insurance companies nowadays, this tends to make it challenging to insure or re-insure a property and other buildings that may comprise it. But exactly why does the electrical code consider it subsequently hazardous or unsafe that insurers are reluctant or sometimes hesitant to insure? Is there anything we all should be concerned about in case we discover our homes currently have knob and tube type wiring?

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Knob and Tube Wiring?

Knob and tube uses two individual wires rather than three in modern wiring systems. These pair is the live conductor and the other is known in the trade as neutral (or common) wire; there is no ground wire (or conductor) in this type of wiring system.

Sometimes the first question that comes to mind when you suspect that you have to face wiring problems is the cost to replace knob and tube wiring.

Get in touch with our experienced electricians in Toronto, Durham Region – such as Oshawa, Whitby Ajax and Pickering to receive an exact rate on a whole home other property rewire project. The cost sometimes includes all things from installing updated circuits to changing fuses with safer circuit breakers. Although knob and tube may be seen as a costly investment, what value can be place on safety for you or your loved ones? You’ll rest far better knowing the wiring meets the most recent and up-to-date electrical regulations for Ontario.

Sometimes an electrical contractor can recommend a drywaller to patch any holes needed to upgrade the wiring to the more modern and safe wiring method used today. During the wiring upgrade some circuits and preferable all the electrical power to the property should be disconnected for the duration of the wiring upgrade to protect you and your contractor. Our electricians at Green Planet Electric will need 100 % access to the project area or building so we can find the best routes for replacing your wires. Our team in Scarborough might possibly limit this work to the portions of your pre-existing wiring that have this dangerous knob and tube electrical cabling, but this all depends on exactly how the existing wiring was installed initially and whether new circuits are required or not. These factors are used to determine the precise Knob and tube wiring replacement cost.

In case you decide to acquire a property that already includes knob and tube electrical wiring, you may consider making it conditional to the final agreement that the old electrical wiring be interchanged within say, thirty days of sale. You might possibly bargain for a decrease in the sale price if updating the knob and tube will be your choice after your purchase. Many insurance providers will go along with an arrangement provided that a fixed agreement is reached to swap out old knob and tube wiring for new copper updated wires. When you are taking out knob and tube wiring, find an approved electrician to get it done right, contact us at Green Planet Electric when you are ready.

When your take the steps to replace all the knob and tube wiring in your property this will satisfy your insurance company and certainly guarantee insurance coverage. Knowing about and taking steps to get rid of Knob and tube wiring dangers will enhance your electrical safety and provide you with enhanced satisfaction. In case that you are about to give your offer for a  place or structure that is known to have knob and tube, it will generally benefit the seller when getting the wires changed as early as possible, that way it would not restrict the selling of the building.  And again, as we mentioned above, in the event that buyers or sellers can’t get coverage a piece of building, the sale could be jeopardized.

Knob and tube wiring insurance

Some insurance companies turn down residential homes and other properties that contain  knob and tube systems because this type of wiring method does consist of only two individual wires, the third, which is present in modern wires removes the shock hazard by incorporating a ground conductor that should cause stray voltage to dissipate away from exposed metal surfaces that could become energized, in case a live wire becomes exposed or touches the metal frame of an appliance or other electrical device. When you can’t obtain Knob and tube wiring insurance, you won’t get coverage on the property as well, so it may be a good strategy to determine if a property or building if free of any type knob and tube wiring prior to making the purchase decision.

Finding coverage for it certainly can be hard should the knob and tube remain in place and the price will probably end up being a lot more if you eventually find someone to take on the insurance coverage and risk.

When shopping for a property with knob and tube wiring look for a registered electrician to look over the wiring and other electrical for the property in question to verify the overall soundness who can remove the Knob and tube wiring dangers within the existing wiring system. They can help you identify additional safety or code defects that you may not spot initially, sometimes circuits have been modified to suit the previous owner’s needs that may not suit yours or function properly in your set-up and use of the home. Sometimes we find that these types of modifications are hazardous or have not been inspected by the Electrical Safety Authority and can be a danger to you if it had been done incorrectly.

How to Replace Knob and Tube Wiring

Firstly, a licensed electrical contractor such as Green Planet Electric ought to inspect the state of the old knob and tube wires and other parts of the wiring system like receptacles and switches, overcurrent protection devices like fuses or in rare cased, circuit breakers.

We recommend contracting our licensed electrician in Toronto to go through your property in search for knob and tube rather than to try to try to get rid of Knob and tube wiring dangers yourself. This kind of task is not suited for someone who has no experience in the electrical trade. As with every electrical wiring work, be sure you switch the power off ahead of performing any kind of work or troubleshooting. Live knob and tube could easily be touched and present an immediate hazard if you are not aware what you are looking for.

Contact our Master electrician to help you discover knob and tube wiring and to find and fix all its Knob and tube wiring dangers, we thoroughly examine the property visually inspection all of the building to identify any instances of knob and tube that may be still in use, sometimes there owners upgrade their wiring but a contractor may miss portions of the old knob and tube wiring and this can go undetected and forgotten after the passage of the years and could be passed on to a new buyer down the road. Bearing in mind that knob and tube wiring can be considered dangerous, every effort should be made to replace it wherever it exist for safety reasons, contact us or another licensed electricians for more.

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