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In Search of Licensed Toronto Electricians

Without a doubt, electricians and electrical contractors are important, not only for Toronto residents, but everywhere else in the world. These professionals are needed, after all, when people have problems with their electrical systems.
Because it involves a highly technical skill, it only follows that only those who have received special training for it are allowed to work on electrical problems. These things can be very volatile, and so it would be much safer for everyone if they would just entrust their electrical issues to a professional, and not embark on a DIY mission.
In Canada, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is the one in charge of basically providing regulations and guidance on matters of electric safety. Established in 1999, their mandate includes regulation of electricity distribution system safety, electrical product safety, licensing of electrical contractors and master electricians and the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.
By law, only licensed contractors are allowed to do electrical work in Ontario. One of ESA’s options under licensing of electrical contractors and master electricians is the Authorized Contractor Program or ACP. Membership in ACP carries important responsibilities towards professionals who apply into the program.
In turn, ACP allows consumers to see if the electrician or electrical contractor they are considering for a job is licensed. ESA’s online resources allow consumers to check for licensed contractors in Toronto or any other part of Ontario. All they need is their postal code to search and verify the licensing of their professional.
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