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Electrician Scarborough

Call on our Electrician first. Let our Scarborough Ontario licensed wiring experts care for your electrical needs. We are experts in everything Electric.

Green Planet Electric has been operating in the Toronto area and for more than a decade. Our long list of satisfied clients is a testimony to our good work over the years.

We hope to serve you with the same dedication and attention to detail when you invite us to take on your project. We work on projects of all sizes large and small near or far. Scarborough too.

Don’t be tempted to make electrical connections yourself. An Electrician is trained in the details of electricity. They know to work safely at all times. Call us today for help. You can also visit our services page to find out how we can work together.

Electrician and Licensed Electricians Scarborough - Local Electrical Contractors Residental, Commercial, Industrial Toronto Ontario and near me GTA

How do you know when you need an electrician?

Prevent accidents from happening. When you use our electricians in Scarborough Ontario get your work done safely. We are one of the best electrical contractors around.

Secondly, it is the law in Ontario – only a Licence electrician is allowed to do wiring work.

Have all your electrical connections done by a licensed electrician. Someone who can provide you with a certificate on completion of your wiring installation or wiring upgrade.

Green Planet Electric is an electrical contractor in Scarborough that provides residential, commercial, and industrial services. We specialize in inspection, and verification in Scarborough, Pickering and Ajax. Over many years we have been an industry leader. We also provided the Electrical Safety Authority approved certificates. Ask us for a sample of the many completed electrical installations we have done.

If you have to look it up on the internet maybe you find a video that explains every step. You should remember that technical details may be missing or some basic safety steps may not be included. This could mean making a minor repair into something big. that is the reason the electrical code is updated every few years because new safer ways are found that potentially saves lives and electrocutions. Scarborough residents can benefit from electricians.

Remember this article we published previously? “Canada’s first winter storm in 2014 has affected its provinces differently. According to CTV News, Newfoundland had lost power to about 90,000 residents as a result of bad weather and rotating blackouts. On the other hand, Ontario and Quebec faired a little better. They only experienced snowfall and freezing rain, though some households are still without power due to the ice storm that occurred last year.

With maintenance work on these provinces’ power grids expected to persist throughout early 2014. Homeowners should definitely consider working with good electrical contractors to fix any electrical problems at home. First, they should call upon those contractors who have a licensed master electrician on their staff, like Green Planet Electric, which provides safe electrical work. They are local as well as from Toronto and Durham. A master electrician is responsible for ensuring that any electrical work carried out. When disasters like these strike Scarborough Electricians and our other Licensed technicians throughout the GTA work tirelessly to keep up. We try to quickly bring back power to those that lost it.

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