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Electrical Contractor

Who or what is an Electrical Contractor?

Often someone who gained know-how in the electrical field is more likely to open up a business as an Electrical Contractor.

Electrical contracting firms could be large. These big ones could have hundreds of workers and many departments. Others can often be small with just one person and no need for the admin levels.

Electrical Contractor
Photo of An Electrical Contractor in Toronto installation of utility meters.

Regulating and Licensing

Electrical contracting and the electrical industry is highly regulated given the dangers associated with it.

In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, all electrical companies follow the Ontario regulations that govern them. The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) administers and oversees all electrical contractors in Ontario.

These businesses can operate without these affiliations to other bodies like associations.

How to Become an Electrical Contractor?

An Electrician with a Trade Certificate or license and many years of practice can request a Contractor’s license. This tells the ESA that the individual is trained in electrical studies and is qualified to do electrical work.

Applicants must provide too that they have:

  • Insurance coverage evidence
  • a licensed master electrician for their company

Some practices like carrying warranties or remaining updated on the changing nature of the electrical industry, go a long way.

Electrical contractors work on all sorts of projects some choose to only work on Residential projects others choose Commercial. Our Services range from small devices replacement too large medium-sized construction projects.

Some examples of work that larger contractors do are commercial plazas to upgrade or to install new additions or whole buildings. Others take on Residential developments, in this type of construction they wire-up newly built homes.

Some Electricians in Toronto specialize in one field of work and others do everything. The license doesn’t limit a contractor to only one area they conduct business if you quality. They permit all types of electrical work.

Business with the customer’s best interests in mind benefit from repeating service calls from clients.

Customers benefit by selecting not only the best-qualified electrician but also the one with great customer service. You can look up the reviews or consider asking for a recommendation from someone you may know when searching for your ideal candidate for the next job.

We can do all of your electrical wirings work large or small in places like Oshawa and Pickering and our electricians or an electrician is available in Whitby and Ajax.

GFCI outlet Problems

The GFCI (Ground Fault Interrupter) socket is a  special device used to disconnect power from defective appliances or other wiring and reduce the risk of an electric shock if it is wired correctly and it should be tested on a regular basis – Did you know- for new wiring installations it is now mandatory in residential and other types of installations (code rule 14-102) to have this device, the GFCI outlet installed where there is plumbing (a sink) close by – like in a washroom, a laundry room or even outdoors where the risk of being hurt, injured or electrocuted from a piece of defective equipment exists? In May 2012 the Electrical Safety Authority begins enforcing this new code requirement.

In general, Electrical Contractors face many dangers and occupational hazards one important hazard has to do with working around job sites ongoing renovation, expansions or demolition that used and breathing in asbestos fibres. firstly getting the right training in recognizing and being aware of the dangers and taking proper precautions to protect ourselves and others go a long way in workplace health and safety. More contractors are encouraged to take formal upgrade training in this regard.

The Electrical Safety Authority is responsible for administering the rules related to electrical contractors in Ontario these contractors follow a guideline to the duties and responsibilities of license electrical contractors and designated master electricians in this province.

There are some exemptions that don’t require being license such as the original equipment manufacturer or the owner or occupant of a residential building.It makes sense though to hire a licensed electrical contractor because we are trained to carry out work safely knowing of the dangers associated with wiring work

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