Some Frequently Asked Questions certified electrician: 

Here you may find answers to some of our frequently asked questions – use answers or articles for tips that may apply to your situation. Visit our BLOG  page for more interesting and engaging articles. Q. How to add smoke detectors on each floor of my house? Option a.) wireless smoke devices can be used that meet the standards imposed by the building code. Option b.) If you prefer hard wired detectors, they must have special wires run to each device – finding a practical route with minimal damage to finished areas of your house is sometime the most difficult challenge with this type of installation.Q. Do you charge HST / How much is the HST? A. YesQ. Do you install pot lights? A. Yes we install many types of pot lightsQ. How much is the installation of LED Pot lights A. Contact us for more info.Q. Would you give me a certificate at the end of the work? A. Yes, we can provide you a certificate at the end of the project – for some projects it must be requested before the start of the project and preferably at the pricing stage.Q. My smoke alarm is driving me crazy can you tell me how to disconnect it? A. We cannot. It is better you consult with your building manager or your local fire department.Q. My pool pump tripping do you know what is the problem? A. We would have to diagnose the problem (sometimes) with our approved electrical testers to determine the nature of the problem.Q. What type of Panel box would you install? A. All our equipment are designed and approved to work in Canada – if you have not specified a type of panel box, we choose from a range of reliable brands that are readily available to us and for which you can find any replaceable circuit breakers if needed.Q. Before I could operated this light from two places but now I cannot, what is the problem? A. There are many possible reasons, only through tests can we determine the exact cause of the problem.Q. Do you carry bulbs for all types of lights? A. No, They are too many bulb types for us to have on-hand for every possible project requirement. However, our technicians always carry a limited supply of the most common.Q. Is Green Planet Electric Insured? A. Yes, We carry liability and WSIB Insurance.Q. Can you suggest a different type of light fixture – these don’t give a lot of light. A. We can try to give you ideas, but it really depend on your taste and budget, and of course the location where it will be installed.Q. What is a GFI?A. A GFI is an electrical device that reduces the possibility of an electrical shock – once it is in proper working order and installed and wired correctly. See here for more. (TEST IT REGULARLY)Q. What is a certificate and how much does it cost? A. The certificate we provide is a document from the Electrical Safety Authority verifying the integrity of the installation we did on your property is in conformity with the latest electrical code and regulations.Q. My switch feel hot is this normal? A. If you have aluminum wiring  in your home or if you feel your switch or outlet warm or hot call an electrician right away.Q. Do you have Reviews or Testimonials? A. Yes. See our electricians reviews page for some.Keep an eye out for more updates… Or if you will like to suggest topics for future Q and A drop us a line here are some of what we already have: what’s the difference between electriction, electrian, electrican?what’s the difference between licensed electricians, licensed electrical contractor, trade electrical contractors, trade electrical contractors?In an emergency what should I say:- electrician needed, electrician wanted or electricians wanted?Answers on saving energy at home, home energy saving tips, energy conservation tips, how to conserve energy, home automation.


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