Residential Electrician

Residential Electrician can make you home safe

Our Residential Electrician will certainly make your residential electrical wiring safe and secure. Every few years the Electrical Safety Authority updates the electrical safety code with changes or removes certain items that no longer apply to the electrical safety in our residences. We recommend having your house wiring inspected to help you identify safety hazards, giving you the power to decide how critical they are to your electrical wiring safety.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep up to date with the wiring compliance of their own home. For example you may want to consider rewiring your home in the event it was wired with an outdated and unsafe wiring method used starting from approximately 1880 to the 1930s when the electrical code permitted it’s use. If you are unsure about the wiring method in home, it may be easy to spot if you have 2-prong electric socket outlets in your residence.

Another hazard is Aluminum wiring, which many insurance companies now require a wiring inspection before re-insuring your property if it is known to have Aluminium wiring. The particular worry is the high risk of an electrical fire which can be caused from a loose connections in the wiring, that can happen on its own at any point in the wiring circuit.
Another clue to find out if your wiring is working at it’s maximum due to the additional loads of today’s homes is look at how frequently your fuse box or circuit breaker panel is fusing or if your switches and plugs are warm or even worse – hot to the touch, are your lights dimming when your switch things on? do you hear a crackle in the light switch when you operate it – these are signs that you should call a Residential electrician.
Homes built in the late 1800s are particularly at risk of electrical wiring hazards – call on a residential electrician from any of our teams like our outstanding electricians in Toronto, to verify the integrity of your residential wiring system today.