Knob and Tube wiring

What is knob and tube electrical wiring?

Knob and tube wiringKnob and tube wiring – Engineers and Authorities consider knob and tube to be dangerous by today’s electrical safety regulations.

Knob and Tube Wiring

Customers can contact someone knowledgeable to examine the exposed areas of your building for evidence of knob and tube wiring.

Sometimes in residential buildings the basement is unfinished so this could be a good place to start the investigation.

Knob and tube wiring dangers

A licensed electrician in Toronto will help to find and fix any dangers in your existing knob and tube. Our Licensed Master electrician in Toronto can check your building if you are unsure of your wiring. In order to find and correct every instance of knob and tube wires in your building we need access.

It may be to your advantage to have your wiring inspected by us. Sometimes you may have additional cost and some inconvenience while removing the wiring.

Knob and tube wiring problems

A code approved practice to make safe old knob and tube wiring, will be to add a GFCI device. Hence, this could be a (breaker or a receptacle).

This should in theory add grounding protection and would reduce the shock hazard created by the knob and tube wiring method also eliminates some potential knob and tube wiring dangers.

Knob and tube wiring insurance

Consider making it conditional to the final agreement, that old electrical wiring be interchanged within say, thirty days of sale. You might bargain therefore, for a decrease in the price if replacing the knob and tube is your preference after purchase.

Find an approved electrician because the Electrical Safety Authority governs electrical work.

Customers who take steps to replace all the knob and tube in their property will satisfy your insurance coverage. Anyone taking steps to remove Knob and tube wiring will improve their electrical safety.

Replacing Knob and Tube Wiring

This kind of task is not suited for someone who has no experience in the electrical trade. Live knob and tube can easily be touched, it is hazardous if unsure what you are looking for.

The cost sometimes includes all things from installing updated circuits to changing fuses with safer circuit breakers.  You’ll rest far better because you know the wiring meets the most recent electrical regulations for Ontario.

It will pay off with a higher price tag for an insurable property without any problems from an insurance company. We provide a certificate at the end of the wiring upgrade.