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Canada’s first winter storm in 2014 has affected its provinces differently. According to CTV News, Newfoundland had lost power to about 90,000 residents as a result of bad weather and rotating blackouts were implemented. On the other hand, Ontario and Quebec fared a little better, having only experienced snowfall and freezing rain, though some households are still without power due to the ice storm that occurred last year.

With maintenance work on these provinces’ power grids expected to persist throughout early 2014, homeowners should definitely consider working with renowned electrical contractors to fix any isolated electrical problems at home. Preferably, they should call upon those contractors who have a licensed master electrician on their staff, like Green Planet Electric, which provide the best Electrician in Scarborough, as well as those from Toronto and Durham region. A master electrician is responsible for ensuring that any electrical work carried out in a particular area abides by local laws and regulations. Aside from that, the Electric Safety Authority (ESA) has specific guidelines for the installation and maintenance of electrical systems for both residential and commercial establishments, such as those from the Electricity Act of 1998.

Adhering to these regulations is important because repairing ice storm damage can suffer from overlaps of responsibility between power distributors and the electrical contractors, among other “problems”. For example, the power distributor is primarily responsible for power lines, while electricians, like our electricians Toronto would handle household electrical repairs and maintenance. A master electrician Scarborough needs to coordinate with the local distributor if large scale repairs need to be carried out to the power supply, like the ones that Newfoundland needed, as well as ensuring that the contractor he’s working for employs the right tools and people are for any repair and maintenance job. This responsibility also extends to coordinating with local government agencies if needed, especially if heavy-duty machinery is needed.

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