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​When the sun goes down, outdoor lights can add ambiance and magic to your yard, patio or other outdoor space while providing security and safety at the same time. With the numerous lighting upgrade options available to you that a Toronto electrician can install, take a look at some of the below and decide which light installation ideas tickle your fancy and which you might even want installed in your home.

1. Shadow lighting effects

One of the ways you can have lights installed in your outdoor space is using light to highlight a feature which brings out another. For instance you can ask your electricians in Toronto to install lights which will illuminate a statue which will create a shadow on your fence. This will be achieved by using a spot light pointing upwards to highlight a row of plants or flowers whilst also lighting the tree behind. In fact, the lights can be installed in different angles to achieve this result. However, this should be done during the day so that the important aspects of your garden can be identified easily.

2. Driveway and pathway lighting

Another outdoor light installation idea is to have your paths and walkways lit up to extenuate the path’s edges while also illuminating any flowers planted next to them. The low level bollard or spread light fittings are the best for this as they are designed to reduce glare by pushing light downwards. However, you should be aware that there are some plants which do not like continuous night light. Failure to check on this can damage them. Thus, if you have such plants, then you should inform your electricians in Toronto so that they can point the light in another direction away from them.

Another ideal place to use specially designed marker driver-over lights is your main driveway which will show a direct route to your house entrance. In fact, you can use them together with bollard lights to add some extra effect as well as provide additional security. To detect anyone entering your property, you can have the bollards placed on a light sensor as a lighting upgrade.

3. Recessed step and wall lights

You can also have your Toronto electrician install lighting steps and wall lights for added safety on your perimeter. To illuminate the steps, the low voltage or small LED lights can be cut into the walls. This should be used every 2-3 steps and positioned about 20mm above each step while brick lights can be used to illuminate the entrance to your house or perimeter wall. This particular light installation is important to eliminate dark trip hazard sections on the steps and when you have a low level perimeter wall to mark out your pathway.

4. Lighting your water features

Another way to make the lights come to life is by asking the electricians in Toronto to place them next to water. If you have a garden pond or water feature, then fully submersible lights can be used to shine from below and cast a touch aura on the rest of your garden.

Moving water such as water running through a rock arrangement or small waterfall can also be used to your advantage. Your Toronto electrician can achieve this by aiming the beam at the water which will create reflections that will light up nearby things. In fact, you can go for a lighting upgrade by investing in changing color lights instead of just the usual single color lights.

5. Lighting your rocks and plants

You can also decide to put lights in between the stones and rocks which will create shapes and shadows and result in spectacular effects at night as well as enhance your home outdoor scenery. There are numerous small low level spike lights which use either LED power or low voltage that you can use and which you can easily conceal. Spread lights are another option for those rockery areas. Alternatively, you can use twin adjustable spike lights which have a lot of flexibility and are easy to highlight or down light an object using one lamp whilst up lighting any trees or tall shrubs with the other lamp.

6. Lighting your deck or patio

Lighting your deck can also complete the look and create a fairy tale-like ambiance. The electricians in Toronto can place the lights on the decking rails and posts for optimal exposure at an elevated level. However, if you want a classical look, then you can have them built into the wood decking which will also protect them. This will result in a seamless and unique look which is actually a favorite among many homeowners. This is because this option brings out the shape and quality of the wood while also exposing the different textures.

Although this light installation will take a bit of work, the finished result will be awesome and will make your garden stand out from the rest.

7. Using hanging lights

There is also the option of having your Toronto electrician hang lights from the top of posts, pergolas and fences or the branches of trees. This option is particularly very popular for those with pergolas as it creates dramatic pool lighting on the patio area or pathway below and adds some sparkle to it. You can even use solar fairy lights to create a twinkle night effect.

8. Light up your garden

You can also use some of your garden’s natural height to expose more of it and enhance security. Doing so can help create an illusion of additional height when the beam lights are directed to the other branches. Further, you can add some additional depth by arranging the garden lights throughout the garden’s extreme points which will help show its full size which may not be visible at night. You can even have a lighting upgrade done to the hedges and large trees at the back of your garden which will create height and depth like somewhat of a 3D theatre effect.


If you are looking for ideas to increase the appeal of your garden while also increasing security, you can try out some of the above options to light up your outdoor space. In fact, your outdoor space will come to life and make it more exciting as well as stand out when entertaining guests.

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